August, 24 2017

Desa Pasirsari won first place in West Java Province Level Village Competition. This victory is not apart from the role of the people and companies in Desa Pasirsari region, including Dexa Group through dharma dexa.

"From a few companies, we listed companies like Dexa Group through dharma dexa which is in our region and has been contributed in the public health improvement program in Pasirsari," said H. Lamjah Hertansyah, the Headman of Desa Pasirsari.

The assessment of the Village Contest which been held since March 13 - July 6, 2017 has reach the final step. Based on pleno meeting and exposure of Administrative Verification Team Leader, Field Classification Team Leader, and Jury Coordinator of Village Exposure on July 3, 2017, Pasirsari Village, South Cikarang District, Bekasi Regency, is crowned as first champion of Village Competition in the West Java Province Level.

"Previously in the Village Competition Bekasi Regency Level, Desa Pasirsari is crowned as champion", said Bapak H. Lamjah Hertansyah, The Village Head of Pasirsari, South Cikarang District.

Based on the record, in 2014, in order to celebrate the Dexa Group Anniversary, dharma dexa with the National Distribution Center (NDC) have done "Bedah Warung" activity in the Kalimalang river bank. This "Bedah Rumah" have inspired people to live feasible with a more healthy home condition.

Besides, dharma dexa with Dexa Laboratories of Biomolecular Sciences (DLBS) and Dexa Development Center (DDC) have done a "bedah sekolah" program by renovating schools to give a more comfortable feeling for the students.

In 2015 and 2016, dharma dexa routinely gave health education and free medication for citizens in the Head of Village office.

This is helping the government to raise people's awareness about healthy living. "Dexa Teach" program gave inspiration for students in the elementary school in Pasirsari.

With this achievement, Desa Pasirsari is worthy to represent West Java Province to the national level, represent 5,300 villages in West Java Province. The Head of Pasirsari Village said if they could pass the verification process, they will enter the top five in the national level. Corporate Communications Dexa Medica