August, 10 2018

After going through judging stage by a competent juries, Andi Rahim from Padjadjran University Bandung, Desi Gianti from the University of Trunojoyo Madura, and Hafidz Arkan; an alumnus of Jenderal Soedirman University Purwokerto and now a pharmacist student of ITB Bandung, won Dexa Award Science Scholarship 2018. They received the award at Titan Center Bintaro, on July 31st, 2018.

The event was attended by  Co-Founder of Dexa Group, Dra. Hetty Soetikno; CEO of Dexa Group Mr. Ir. Ferry Soetikno, M.Sc., M.B.A., the juries; Deputy for Research Fundamental from the Eijkman Institute Prof. dr. Herawati Sudoyo, M.S., Ph.D .; Prof. Dr. Sidik, Apt. from the Faculty of Pharmacy, Padjadjaran University, Bandung; Prof. Dr. Ir. Antonius Suwanto, M.Sc. from the Faculty of Biotechnology at Atmajaya Catholic University Jakarta; Prof. Dr. Muhammad Hanafi from the LIPI Chemical Research Center; and Executive Director of Dexa Laboratory of Biomolecular Sciences Raymond Tjandrawinata, PhD., DSc., M.B.A., other guests included Prof. Dr. Sangkot Marzuki from the Eijkman Institute, former Head of BPOM Dr. Roy Sparringa, M.App.Sc., and General Chairman of Indonesian Pharmacist Association Drs. Nurul Falah, Apt.

The three winners get a master's degree scholarship program on any campus with an "A" accreditation. Three proposals that they submitted were related with their major field, Andi Rahim in the field of Chemistry, Desi Gianti in the field of Economics, and Hafidz Arkan that related to science and pharmacy. The three proposals are having a real issues from perspective point and also applicable to the problems that related to the health sector.

According to Mr. Raymond Tjandrawinata as the head of jury, the three winners not only mastering with the presentation material, but also showed their passion through in-depth arguments when answering the questions from the juries.

Mr. Ferry Soetikno in his speech explained the evolution of Dexa Group to the audiences, from its establishment in Palembang by the Founder; the late Mr. Rudy Soetikno, and also the strengths of Dexa Group to compete domestically and internationally through four basic competencies; innovation, resource management, change management, and strategic alliances. "Dexa Award Science Scholarship is in accordance with our core competencies," said Mr. Ferry.

Dexa Award Science Scholarship 2018 was also entertained by Dexan Singer, Multimedia Dance, and keynote speech from Prof. dr. Herawati Sudoyo, M.S., Ph.D, with interesting theme "Various Genes, One Indonesia"
Dexa Award Science Scholarship is a master's degree scholarship program held by Dexa Group, that aimed to anyone who wants to contribute positively in health sector and open to variety faculties including the fields of pharmacy, chemistry, biotechnology, food technology, economics, anthropology, psychology, social, to information technology.

The Journey of Dexa Award Science Scholarship 2018
The scholarship program was the idea from Founder of Dexa Group, The Late Mr. Rudy Soetikno. He wants to transmitted his passion for dedication and contribution in the health sector to the next generation with support for higher education. The idea was later realized by Mr. Ferry Soetikno, Dharma Leader Dexa Mrs. Gloria Haslim, and Mr. Raymond Tjandrawinata.

The event series began with the announcement of open registration and proposal collection on May 4, 2018 to June 29, 2018. Dexa Award Science Scholarship was followed by 1,567 participants, over the 8 weeks from the proposal deadline was closed. Thousands of these participants come from 33 provinces, 88 districts / cities, and 331 campuses from along Indonesia, and another 3 are from overseas universities; Beijing, Taiwan and Turkey.

The participants still dominated from Java, such as from UGM Yogyakarta that reach top list of campus participants as 90 applicants, UI Jakarta (87), and ITB Bandung (70). Surprisingly, the students from Eastern Indonesia has already showed their enthusiasm with their participants on Dexa Awards Science Scholarship. They came from Makassar Hasanuddin University, Khairun Ternate University, to Cenderawasih University in Papua.

The proposals that already received has been selected into 50 best proposals by screening team. The results have been announced ondigital platforms on July 9, 2018. From these results, they were re-selected to become 10 finalists to take the final round and have been announced on July 16, 2018.

This is the spirit of innovation from Dexa Group with Dexa Award Science Scholarship for public health! Corporate Communications Dexa Group