Realizing that public awareness of natural medication is growing increasingly, the OTC Department of Dexa Medica launched its first flagship product, Stimuno, in August 2005. Up till now OTC Department has four excellent products, namely: Stimuno, Toxilite, Lytacur and Vitafem.

People are very  enthusiastic about Stimuno. Since Stimuno has entered the OTC market, it has been growing continuously. Along with the education program that tells us that Stimuno is made from 'Meniran' – a traditional Indonesian plant - Indonesian people now understand more about the immune system, have more health awareness and know more about Stimuno.

After a year’s successful journey with Stimuno, the OTC Department of Dexa Medica launched the other flagship product, Toxilite, in August 2006. Toxilite is a natural detox supplement. In mid-2007, OTC Department launched Lytacur, a multivitamin for children. Lytacur is a multivitamin product with dual active 'curcuminoid and lysine'. Lytacur increases children's appetites in their active infancy.

In August 2007, Dexa Medica Launch Vitafem, a combination of multivitamins and minerals with balanced dosage specially formulated to meet women's need.

All of these herbal products have been launched by the OTC Department of Dexa Medica, proving that Dexa Medica is committed to the development of herbal and non-conventional products.