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April 1, 2021, 10.17 pm

17 Years of OMAI Phytopharmaca Keeping Indonesian Family Immune System

In a period of 17 years, based on the Circulation Permit Number (NIE) registered with the Indonesian Food and Drug Administration (Indonesian FDA), Indonesia currently has 23 traditional medicines with phytopharmaca status. Stimuno is one of the traditional medicines with the first phytopharmaceutical status in Indonesia since 2005. As an original Indonesian immunomodulatory product and has been clinically tested for its efficacy, Stimuno received the Indonesia Best Pharmacy Brand Award 2021 from Warta

According to the Commercial Director of PT Dexa Medica, Mr. V. Hery Sutanto on Wednesday, March 31, 2021, Stimuno’s reputation as an immunomodulator product has been trusted by consumers since Stimuno received phytopharmaca status 17 years ago from the Indonesian POM.

“Currently, Stimuno is not only consumed by the people of Indonesia but also exported to several countries such as the Philippines, Nigeria, and Cambodia. Moreover, when the Covid-19 pandemic occurred, public confidence in Stimuno increased as evidenced by the significant growth in Stimuno’s sales,” explained Mr. Hery.

Stimuno is a phytopharmaceutical that plays a role in maintaining the body’s immune in addition to having been clinically tested for various diseases, Stimuno is an immunomodulatory product that has been accepted by the public for both adult and child consumers.

For 17 years with the status of OMAI phytopharmaca, Stimuno has received a lot of recognition and appreciation from various parties such as Primaniyarta from the Indonesian Ministry of Trade as a product that is able to penetrate the export market, Top Brand for Kids for Stimuno Syrup which has won awards 11 times in a row, Anugerah Original Indonesian Products, Mom’s Choice Brand, to the Marketing Award for the Experiential Marketing category. The latest appreciation that Stimuno received was the Indonesia Best Pharmacy Brand Award 2021 from Warta

As the first immunomodulatory product with phytopharmaca status in Indonesia, Stimuno has been trusted to maintain the immunity of Indonesian families. This is evidenced from Stimuno’s role in maintaining immunity to overcome tropical disease outbreaks such as dengue fever in Indonesia which occurs every year, the MERS infectious respiratory disease outbreak that occurs in the Middle East and related to this has been tested on pilgrims from Indonesia, and currently, Stimuno is being tested on COVID-19 patients for mild to moderate symptoms.

As one of the Original Indonesian Modern Medicines (OMAI) with phytopharmaca status, Stimuno, which is made from green meniran leaves (Phyllantus niruri), has gone through a number of tests, such as preclinical tests, toxicity or safety, and working methods, efficacy tests, and clinical trials. in various hospitals in Indonesia.

According to the Director of Business and Scientific Development of PT Dexa Medica, Dr. Raymond Tjandrawinata, in Indonesia, many drugs have been developed from herbal ingredients. Among natural medicines, green meniran leaves have been clinically tested as an immunomodulator.

“It turns out that this meniran is active against various kinds of pathogens. So, both specific and non-specific immune systems can be increased using this native Indonesian plant,” said Dr. Meniran plants have been through clinical trials for various diseases, one of which is for patients with tuberculosis, hepatitis, acute respiratory infections, and German measles. Dr Raymond also said, currently being planned for clinical trials of meniran for SARS-CoV-2 virus infection with mild to moderate symptoms.

The same thing was also expressed by dr. H. Raveinal, SpPD-KAI, FINASIM who is an immunologist from Andalas University. Dr. Raveinal explained the In Silico study on green meniran as an immunomodulator to fight COVID-19. Dr. Raveinal explained that the bioactive components of green meniran include catechin and quercetin.

“Overall, the catechin and quercetin components in Phyllanthus niruri can inhibit excessive inflammation processes and function as immunomodulators in cases of COVID-19,” said Dr Raveinal at the Expert Meeting of the Allergy-Immunology Association (PERALMUNI) on Sunday (28/3/2021).

In the discussion at the event, there were several conclusions including that Phyllanthus niruri fitofarmaka has been proven both preclinically and clinically in increasing the activity and function of immune system components, both specific and non-specific immunity, in patients with various pathogenic infections, including viruses, bacteria and fungi.

In addition, based on existing clinical studies, the administration of Phyllanthus niruri phytopharmaca to patients with respiratory infections such as TB, COPD, ARI and Hepatitis B, Vericella, and Candidiasis infections can significantly improve the patient’s immunological status thereby increasing the success of therapy and accelerating healing.

Another conclusion is that based on data from various existing clinical studies in increasing the activity and function of immune system components, both specific and non-specific immunity, Phyllanthus niruri which is a phytopharmaca can be given as one of the therapeutic modalities, namely as adjuvant therapy in patients with cases of OTG (Asymptomatic Persons) and cases of mild symptoms as listed in the COVID-19 Administration Guidelines (3rd edition).