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Most Admired CEO Award

January 9, 2021, 12.45 pm

Continuing to innovate during a crisis, Dexa Group leader receives the Most Admired CEO Award 2020

Dexa Group Chairman, Mr. Ferry Soetikno received the 2020 Most Admired CEO Award “The Rise of New Leadership Era to Accelerate Recovery” for the category of Outstanding Leadership for World-Class Pharmaceutical Company in Developing Health Sector Innovation to Survive During Crisis from Research and Consulting. This award was given to the CEO for his role in leading a company that is able to innovate and keep developing amid the Covid-19 pandemic crisis.

The 2020 Most Admired CEO Award was presented virtually by the CEO and Chief Editor of, Mr. Muhamad Ihsan, and the founder of Warta Ekonomi, Mr. Fadel Muhammad. It was witnessed by the 10th and 12th Vice President of the Republic of Indonesia, Mr. Jusuf Kalla, on Friday, December 18th, 2020.

After receiving the award, Mr. Ferry conveyed a message to Dexan to be grateful and be appreciative of this award.

“In 2020, the pharmaceutical industry has a big responsibility to provide medicines. We are trying to continuously supply drugs, medical devices, and diagnostic equipment for Covid-19 patients. We have also made many breakthroughs to provide digital-based services to reduce contact between patients and medical personnel,” said Mr. Ferry Soetikno.

Mr. Ferry also said that this award is proof of PT Dexa Medica’s commitment to continue providing quality medicines in Indonesia, for the sake of public health at the national, regional, and global levels amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

According to Mr. Ferry, Dexa Group as the largest pharmaceutical company in Indonesia has made a real contribution to the health sector, such as the development of Native Indonesian Modern Medicine (OMAI), and the success of the JKN program. “Our challenge is to build independence in providing raw materials for medicines. Dexa Group has been researching herbal raw materials for more than 15 years, namely Native Indonesian Modern Medicine,” said Mr. Ferry.

In his remarks, Mr. Jusuf Kalla said that company leaders are responsible to bring the company to achieve the best results. Good company leaders can make the company survive in all conditions, including crises.

“We know that a leader must lead the organization by forming teams that can achieve good results so that organizational goals are achieved. Any changes must be anticipated today,” said Mr. Jusuf Kalla.
Regarding this award, Mr. Muhamad Ihsan said that Indonesia’s 2020 Most Admired CEO is an appreciation of the quality of an ideal CEO, based on the votes by employees and readers of Warta Ekonomi. The rapid development of digital and information technology in recent years has also improve the dynamics of corporate leadership in Indonesia.

“Amid unprecedented conditions, a CEO must be optimistic and looking far ahead. The quality of a good CEO reflects the good quality of the company being led,” he said.